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Introduction (YL)

Youth Leadership Union County



Youth Leadership Union County is designed to identify, develop and motivate new leadership for the Union County community. The mission of this program is to begin motivating and preparing high school students for future leadership roles in community service organizations and government work in the economic development and quality of life for the community. Youth Leadership Union County will allow students to see how they can get involved in the community now and what kinds of career leadership opportunities are available to them in the future. Participants will learn why getting involved in their community is important and why preparation through education is essential to becoming successful and productive leaders. 


Youth Leadership Union County is designed to groom future leaders and will focus on developing leadership skills through team-building activities which build confidence and lead to an understanding and acceptance of diversity. Participants will be exposed to such concepts as retail business, city, county, and state government, finance, tourism, art, culture, history, law enforcement, industry, medical care, and state services. The overall goal of Youth Leadership Union County is to encourage participants to assume ownership of their community, to value civic participation, and to recognize that every citizen must join in partnership to build a community that blends economic opportunity with an outstanding quality of life.


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