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Essay Questions:
Why are you interested in participating in Leadership Union? How will this interest benefit our community?*
Name one issue in our community that you feel needs special attention. Explain why.*
How well do you feel that you know and understand the issues facing the Union community?
Commitment to Participate:
Do you have the time, the interest and the support of your employer to participate in the Leadership Union program?*
In order to successfully complete the program (September through May), attendance at the opening reception and all but one monthly session is required. The program will meet over seven full working days (usually one day per month), with some group study assignments. A class project will be completed which may require night and work sessions. Can you make this commitment of time and energy to the program?*
Leadership Union alumni are recommended to fill board positions, committees, commissions, etc. within our community. Are you willing to volunteer your time and talents to community concerns and organizations?*
Community/Civic Involvement:
Please describe significant areas of community or professional involvement in which you have been active over the past three years.*
Going back beyond three years, which past community or professional involvement and accomplishments would you like to mention for consideration for participation in Leadership Union? (Please give dates.)*
Financial Information:
Tuition for Leadership Union is $400. Please indicate to whom an invoice should be sent:*
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